Let's Have Some Fun Now

Published on 24 July 2016

[Note: Operation Following Your Footsteps has completed the goal of accumulating 100 million 7 Line Prayers; however, Operation Skull Garland in Bhutan is still ongoing.]

Dear Friends,
Thanks to the effort and devotion of so many people around the world, we have surpassed the goal of accumulating 100,000,000 of Guru Rinpoche's Seven Line Prayer. I don’t think we will continue with this specific campaign. So what is next? Now, I think we can just have some fun. We should go out and celebrate, enjoy ourselves, eat nice food, go for walks, listen to music, watch movies or see some football. Don’t forget to wear a shirt, use a comb, and floss your teeth.
And to all of you who have been reciting the Seven Line Prayer:
May all your efforts in reciting the Seven Line Prayer become causes and conditions to enlighten sentient beings.
May you become beautiful, stunning, and pleasing to behold.
May your speech cause less confusion, become understandable, and actually communicate.
May your mind not rush too much to the past and future, but dwell in the present.
May you remember impermanence, the futility of samsara, the preciousness of dharma, and the indispensability of the guru.
May you eat the right food so that you are healthy and cause less suffering to other beings.
愿你食用正确的食物,因而身体健康,并减少其它众生受苦 ;
May you have a swell time shopping and not cause further destruction to the world through waste.
May the hundred plans you have planned never succeed.
And may the thousand wishes that you dared not wish come true.
Once again, dear friends, keep wanting the dharma to flourish and remain. If we wish for harmony, peace and prosperity, Shakyamuni must prevail.
---- Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse



(Photo credits: Left side bar - The Guru Rinpoche in the cave of Dzongshod, Rinchen Jamgon Kongrul's seat and where he collected the Rinchen Terdzo. Below text - Rinpoche in Bodhgaya. Both by Pawo Choyning Dorji.)