Manoel Vidal, founder and chief advisor to SI Brasil passes away

Published on 24 July 2017

We are saddened at the passing of Manoel Reverendo Vidal Neto, founder and chief advisor to the newly formed Siddhartha's Intent Brasil as well as long time team member of Khyentse Foundation. A dear friend to many and a devoted student, Manoel translated Rinpoche's live teachings as well as his books into Portuguese.

Manoel passed away in Sao Paolo on July 21, 2017.

In 2013 Manoel wrote about his experience in Bodhgaya. "I went Bodhgaya … to sit with my teacher under the bodhi tree. There I could sense a thread of continuity from the Buddha himself all the way to Khyentse Rinpoche. Emaho!" Read the rest of his moving statement at the link below.

Please keep Manoel in your prayers.

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A Tribute from SI Brasil:

A precious legacy

‘Gentle Voice' is one of the names of Manjushri; it is also ‘Jamyang’ in Tibetan, Rinpoche's middle name. Manoel Vidal who had been our translator for many years had that gentle striking quality. Homage to Manoel Vidal!

What good fortune we shared every time we were able to relax our minds in the certainty that we were in front of the one who sought, with deep skill, the most precise words to translate the most sacred teachings. Knowing that Manoel would be the translator produced a state of contentment that certainly helped everyone who had the privilege of hearing him access the dharma. Based on his own devotion, he became a solid and reliable bridge, which reflected the outcome of his life of rigorous practice and tireless dedication to the spiritual path. The legacy of generosity and discipline, concentration and effort of Manoel will remain for all of us an inspiration and especially for translators, an example of what can be achieved from a genuine connection with the teacher and the lineage.

It is said that the most valuable gift you can offer to a master is the dedicated practice of the teachings we receive. Manoel was a student who fully performed this kind of offering, not only personally becoming a skillful vehicle so that others could also practice, but also by creating a web of interdependence that will continue to extend in time and space, multiplying their merits in infinite form . That's compassion.

With immense gratitude, we now unite in our prayers and dedicate the merits to our spiritual friend, who has honored us for so many years with his gentle presence.

Manoel Vidal left us on July 21, 2017. Manoel was one of the founders and chief advisor to SI Brazil. A ceremony will happen celebrating his contribution to the expansion of Buddhism in Brazil. If you have any relevant photos, please send them to: And, if you would like to offer lamps for 49 days, we encourage you to do it through Khadro Ling - Chagdud Gonpa Brazil. (

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