Special Birthday Resounding

Published on 09 June 2017

Siddhartha’s Intent, Khyentse Foundation and 84000 invite our friends and supporters to gather on Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche's birthday, June 18, 2017, to recite the words of the Buddha. We welcome everyone to participate either individually or in groups on June 18 at the time and place of your choosing. There will be no web-based gathering or broadcast. 

We will be reciting from 84000’s most recent publication, The Sutra of the Teaching of Vimalakirti.  The sutra can be downloaded here:

It can also be accessed from the KF website here:

and the recommended opening and closing prayers are available in the 84000 Reading Room:

Please note that in celebration of Saga Dawa, the month in which many Buddhists commemorate the birth, enlightenment and passing of Shakyamuni Buddha, the The Sutra of the Teaching of Vimalakirti is offered as a book in two sections with a prefatory commentary by Rinpoche, "A Celebrity Falls Sick" and a new 84000 edition of Robert Thurman's English translation of The Teaching of Vimalakirti, with illustrations by DALeast.  The book is available in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese as free download in the 84000 Reading Room below as well as on the KF website with more info (see above link). It is offered as a thank you gift from Khyentse Rinpoche to the many supporters of the two organizations.

English - 


Simplified Chinese -

Traditional Chinese -