Saga Dawa Düchen Heart Sutra Recitation

Published on 03 June 2020

Khyentse Foundation and Siddhartha’s Intent invite you to commemorate the life of Buddha Shakyamuni on Saga Dawa Düchen, the magnificent day of his birth, enlightenment and parinirvana. We will host a global chanting of the Heart Sutra on Zoom and/or YouTube, starting Friday 5 June at 12:00am New Zealand Time. The chanting will begin every hour on the hour with a video from Rinpoche for a full 24 hours. Please join with the global sangha to chant together on this special, meritorious day.

We’re gathering together to practice with the intention of pacifying the turmoil of the world at this time. Rinpoche invites you all to join this event, saying, “May we invoke love, kindness, and healing, and open our hearts for the earth.”

Everyone is encouraged to participate ANYTIME within the 24 hour period STARTING at the following times:

USA West - from 5:00am, June 4
USA East - from 8:00am, June 4
Halifax - from 9:00am, June 4
Sâo Paulo - from 9:00am, June 4
London - from 1:00pm, June 4
Berlin - from 2:00pm, June 4
New Delhi - from 5:30pm, June 4
Bangkok - from 7:00pm, June 4
Taipei, HK, Beijing - from 8:00pm, June 4
Sydney - from 10:00pm, June 4
Auckland - from 12 midnight, June 5

To join, please use the following Zoom link.
The Heart Sutra text can be found here.


2020薩嘎達瓦《心經》唸誦活動邀請 | 欽哲基金會和悉達多本願會敬邀您在這個殊勝的薩嘎達瓦——佛陀出生、證悟及涅槃的日子——一起憶念釋迦摩尼佛。我們將會通過Zoom安排一個全球範圍的《心經》唸誦活動。活動將會在全球最東方的紐西蘭當地時間6月5日零時零分開始,我們將會播出仁波切特別製作的《心經》唸誦影片,大家可以用自己的語言一起參與唸誦。之後23小時的每個小時的零分都會重新播放影片供大家參與唸誦,24小時不間斷。特邀全球的朋友一起參與,積累福德。