Happy Year of the Ox

Published on 11 February 2021

Happy Year of the Ox from all of us at Khyentse Foundation and Siddhartha's Intent!

Click on CC to watch Rinpoche's greeting with subtitles.

As it's now tradition, KF and SI jointly offer you an auspicious dates calendar to inspire your practice throughout the coming year. Follow the links for versions of the calendar in 25 languages and printing instructions:

1. Arabic
2. Chinese, simplified | 11×17 or A3
3. Chinese, traditional | 11×17 or A3
4. Danish
5. Dutch
6. English | 11×17 or A3
7. Finnish
8. French
9. German
10. Greek
11. Hebrew
12. Hindi
13. Hungarian
14. Italian
15. Japanese
16. Korean
17. Maltese
18. Norwegian
19. Polish
20. Portuguese
21. Russian
22. Serbian
23. Spanish | 11×17 or A3
24. Swedish
25. Tibetan
26. Turkish
27. Vietnamese

Thank you to all the volunteers for their efforts in preparing the calendar.

And a special thanks to Alicja Żmigrodzka for her inspiring illustration commissioned by The Kumarajiva project for the new translation into Chinese of Toh 346 The Account of the Noble Deeds of Sumāgadhā which is featured on the calendar.