The Buddha and the awesome, incredible mind

01 September 2020

Rinpoche talks to Kuensel about how to get in touch with our mind, with the earth, with our basic sanity, and the group karma of chanting the Buddha Shakyamuni mantra.

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Q&A with Summer and Arne

17 August 2020

Join them online on Sunday 23 August for a chance to ask questions on any buddhist topic!

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22 July 2020

Join us online for the 200th Birthday Celebration of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo on 25 July.

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To Give or Not to Give

16 July 2020

Do not let yourself be conned. Please read.

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Kuntuzangpo Monlam

19 June 2020

Join the global sangha reciting Samantabhadra's aspiration prayer during the solar eclipse of 21 June.

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84000 and SI Joint Sutra Recitation

16 June 2020

84000 and Siddhartha's Intent invite you to a 24-hour online sūtra recitation on Rinpoche's birthday, 18 June.

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Saga Dawa Düchen Heart Sutra Recitation

03 June 2020

Join the global sangha chanting the Heart Sutra for 24 hours on 5 June, Saga Dawa Düchen.

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Online Bodhisattva Vow

06 May 2020

Join Rinpoche and the international sangha celebrating Vesak Day online on 7 May, 2020.

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Interview with Kuensel

29 April 2020

"Things aren’t looking good, but there’s a lot we can do", tells us Rinpoche in an interview with Bhutanese newspaper Kuensel.

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Illuminating the world

11 April 2020

To the most venerable Triple Gem we offer our fabricated lights to illumine the sacred Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya.

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