It depends... A final message from Rinpoche : UPDATED

12 January 2015

"I offer my gratitude and appreciation for the diligence and enthusiasm of all those who have recited the mantra..."

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'Not for Happiness' now available in your ears

11 December 2014

Rinpoche's book, 'Not for Happiness', was just released as an audiobook. The narrator is Edoardo Ballerini.

Rinpoche's book, 'Not for Happiness', was just released as an audiobook (12/9/14) on  The narrator is Edoardo Ballerini.  
To purchase, click here:'s book, 'Not for Happiness', was just released as an audiobook (12/9/14) on  The narrator is Edoardo Ballerini. 
To purchase, click here:


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Khenpo Sonam Phuntsho to be lama-in-residence around the globe 2014/2015

03 November 2014

We are very pleased to announce that Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche has appointed Khenpo Sonam Phuntsho to be the lama-in-residence in various regions around the world for the next year, starting mid- November.

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Message from Rinpoche August 2014

20 August 2014

DJKR message photo

This letter is just to share some concerns as I see the spiritual path being sought from so many different angles and with so many different motivations and intentions – some obviously very heartfelt and inspiring and others very dodgy, materialistic and worldly.

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Web Programmer Needed

31 May 2014

Siddhartha's Intent is looking for a volunteer who is an expert web programmer in Silverstripe to assist with the maintenance of the new SI website. 

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Announcement from Rinpoche about Offerings

08 August 2013

Rinpoche gives advice on how to make offerings, helping to put the Dharma into practice.

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Social Media Guidelines for so-called Vajrayana students

17 January 2013

Rinpoche gives us guidelines on how to advice protect our Dharma practice and avoid embarrassment while engaging in social media activities.

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An Important Announcement from Rinpoche

02 January 2013

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche cautions about people claiming to represent him or fundraising on his behalf.

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Rinpoche's Newest Book, "Not For Happiness"

03 December 2012


Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche's newest book, 'Not For Happiness: A Guide to the So-called Preliminary Practices' (Shambhala Publications, 2012), is now available as a preview eBook.

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SI Australia Vipashyana Retreat

15 November 2012

Rosebank Vip retreatB

5 day retreat acts as anchor to solidify practice.

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