The Three Jewels

According to Buddhism, the nature of enlightenment is inherent in all sentient life. The purpose of the Buddhist path is to penetrate the confusion that causes the painful cycle of suffering (samsara) and thereby to uncover mind's inherent wakefulness (nirvana). This is known as attaining enlightenment, or Buddhahood. The teachings of the Buddha is called the Dharma, which means the Law or the Truth, and shows the way to relative happiness and ultimate enlightenment.

The Dharma is taught in many ways, according to needs of the particular students. Unbroken lineages of great beings have followed the Buddha's teachings and example and continue to teach the path of enlightenment to others. Those who practice the teachings are called the Sangha. These three aspects -  Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha - represent the core values of Buddhism and are known as the Three Jewels.