Buddhist Education for Modern Society - 2014

Buddhist Education for Modern Society, 23 March 2014, Penang, Malaysia

"Study— hearing, contemplation, education— of Buddhism is so important. If we lose this, temples, stupas, monasteries, statues, they are just going to become a monument."

Modern mainstream education teaches us how to listen but not how to hear, how to look but not how to see, how to think but not how to be aware. It teaches us how to get caught, how to get entangled but not how to disentangle ourselves. It doesn't teach us happiness. We learn from books to pass exams, to get a degree and get a job. So how do we tap into the inexhaustible wealth of buddhist wisdom? How do we reconnect with ourselves and our environment?

Rinpoche addressed all these issues at Than Hsiang Temple in Penang at the invitation of Venerable Wei Wu, recipient of Khyentse Foundation's 2020 Khyentse Fellowship Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the promotion of Buddhadharma and buddhist education.

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