A Talk with College Students - 2018

Khyentse Foundation talk to college students, December 3, 2018, Taipei

Dzongzar Khyentse Rinpoche answers questions posed by college students in Taipei. Some of the questions focus on social and lifestyle issues: how can Buddhism help suicidal young people? What are a Buddhist perspective on open relationships and same-sex marriage? How can we balance Buddhist practice and worldly activities? Students also ask about the nature of mind, cause and effect, and the relationship between logic and tantra. An important message of the talk is that Buddhism can and should be studied in modern educational institutions, and that academic study plays a vital role in countering the cultural hijacking of Buddhism. Rinpoche finishes the talk by announcing the Khyentse Fellowship award to Professor Gao Mingdao of the National Chengchi University in Taipei, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Buddhist education.

Onsite Translation: Chinese



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