Teaching Schedule of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Ushnishavijaya Drupcho

31 December 2014 - 9 January 2015
All Day
Taipei, Taiwan

Buddha compassionately transmitted the Ushnishavijaya Dharani to save Devaputra Susthita from falling into great suffering.  As a result, the dharani spread widely in India. In about 676 AD, during the Tang Dynasty of China, a Brahmin monk names Buddhapala traveled to Wu Tai Mountain where he received instruction from Manjushri to bring this Dharani to China.  Buddhapala went through all sorts of hardships to complete the mission, translated the Dharani into Chinese and made it available, not just to royalty but also to general practitioners.  Ushnishavijaya is a deity with a majestic nature, who can pacify various disturbing and life-shortening obstacles, offer protection from the harms of witchcraft, scandals or any other  incidence of disgrace; ultimately,  Ushnishavijaya  keeps us mindful at all times.        

We have been very fortunate during the past 8 years to have Rinpoche’s guidance and the patronage from many sangha members in order to organize the Ushnishavijaya Drupcho in Taiwan six times.  Rinpoche has very kindly agreed to guide us for another 10-day Ushnishavijaya Drupcho starting on the last day of 2014.

To accommodate more people this year, we have found a new venue near Xi Men Din that is bigger and more easily accessible.  Hopefully, more friends will be able to come and all with the motivation to benefit all sentient beings.   

Date:   December 31, 2014 (Wednesday)  through January 9, 2015

Time:  8:00 am- 5 pm daily

Venue: Art Plaza at Taipei Cinema Theme Park  

No. 19, Kangding Road, Wanhua District, Taipei


Rinpoche is going to give Guru Rinpoche Three Roots initiation  at the venue of thousand-offering puja  in one evening. The specific date and time will be announced through our website once they are confirmed.

Updated Guidelines:

  1. Dress code:  (1) Gentlemen: Suit with a tie or Mao suit.  (2) Ladies: Office suit or long skirt.
  2. Khenpo Sonam Tashi suggests following a vegetarian diet during the Drupcho.
  3. Please bring your own water bottle/cup for the sake of the environment.  Drinking water will be available on site.
  4. No registration is required
  5. Your generous support would be highly appreciated for the construction of a new mandala that includes a new shrine and the offerings (such as water, flower, incense, lamps and food) that have to be renewed everyday  during the course of the ten days.  Please consider becoming a donor to help make this propitious event possible.
  6. No Buddhist books, sutras, publications etc. are allowed to be displayed or distributed in the venue, except those done by the organizer.
  7. We don’t accept media interviews or photo shoot for this event as we have arranged the professional photographers. The participants should not stand up or move around to take photos in the course of the puja. Photo-shooting is allowed during break but don’t use flash, especially not use for Rinpoche or lamas.
  8. If you need to order vegetarian lunch box, sign up at the front desk by 9am of the day and get lunch box with the meal ticket atnoon. A small donation for offering vegetarian food is welcome. If you want to donate, put the money into the “Merit Box”.
  9. Cell phone should be switched off or put into “silent” mode in order not to disturb the proceeding of the puja and visualization.
  10. Thousand-offering substances:  The thousand-offering substances---water, flowers, incenses, lamps, umbrellas and long-life buns---are very special because they are blessed by the dharani which Rinpoche, lamas and hundreds of participants chant the whole day. The participants can take them home after the daily practice finishes. (The rice under the long-life buns are only for birds or wild animals, not for humans.) The saffron water is put in the tea buckets. Bring your own container to take it home.
  11. Please follow the volunteers’ guidance while circumambulating the mandala.
  12. If an initiation is given during the puja, do NOT record it in any form.
  13. The texts are available to borrow and purchase. Return the text to the front desk when you leave if you borrow it.
  14. The forms of wishing for longevity and prosperity are available for filling out at front desk. Make a donation in any amount.
  15. The forms of releasing souls from purgatory are available. Make a donation for it in any amount. (The fund is used exclusively for its intended purpose.) Please write the names legibly to help us set up the file and translate the names into English. Rinpoche will practice several times for this. Writing in both Chinese and English is encouraged.
  16. Pre-filled forms of wishing for longevity and prosperity and releasing souls from purgatory are encouraged. Hand them to the front desk volunteers.
  17. Seat by number:
    1. Doors open at 7:00am. One person can take only one ticket. Take your seat according to the number on the ticket with the volunteers’ guidance.
    2. Take a seat ticket for that day. A ticket of other day is invalid.
    3. The venue is cleaned but not cleared during lunch break. The same seat ticket is valid for both morning and afternoon sections. It is not necessary to line up for afternoon seat.
    4. Please return the seat ticket if you leave and don’t come back or are absent for more than one hour.
    5. If the organizer presumes the absence exceeds one hour, the seat ticket automatically becomes invalid and the seat will be filled by others.
    6. In the course of the puja, Rinpoche will change his seat, which is unknown in advance. So please sit at ease.
    7. The seats are divided into several zones. For the details of Seat Zone Plan , please refer to the poster at front desk or the reverse of the seat ticket.
  18. In case of bad weather, the main hall is open for dining, while no meat is allowed inside.
  19. To keep the carpet clean and dry, please don’t drink in the main hall.
  20. Please help us with waste sorting.
  21. It is cold and rainy and the temperature varies greatly these days in Taipei. We prepare cushions for sitting. If you can not sit low, please inform front desk volunteers. We have chairs. But as there are just few, those who have leg problems are the first priority.  We suggest you bring something to cover your leg, especially for those who are wearing skirts, to avoid coldness and inconvenience. 
SI Taiwan reserves the right to make changes at the event. We will supplement or make revisions to this when necessary.
For more in Chinese, please visit:  http://taiwan.siddharthasintent.org/news/2014/N140731/

If you have any questions, please contact Li-Chuan:  siddharthasintent@gmail.com

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