Message From Rinpoche

05 November 2018

Regarding upcoming events in Bodhgaya

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Livestream Info for Vimalakirti Sutra Teachings in Bodhgaya

05 November 2018

Effort is being made to provide live-streaming for the upcoming teachings in Bodhgaya, India.

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Looking For A Lady With Fangs And A Moustache

07 October 2018

Rinpoche's new film

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On Artificial Intelligence and Buddhism

30 July 2018

Rinpoche delivers keynote address at the 8th World Youth Buddhist Symposium in Thailand

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Bodhi Bhajan project

07 July 2018


Rinpoche recently asked SI India to create a site with the soundtracks of the devotional songs composed and performed by the musicians in Pune, most of who are part of the sangha.

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Celebrating Lotus Outreach International’s 25th year

21 June 2018

This year, 2018, in honor of Lotus Outreach’s 25th year, Rinpoche has written a letter: “I want to take this 25th anniversary opportunity to aspire for Lotus Outreach’s continued success to serve the needs of present and future generations”.  

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Rinpoche to visit South America

19 June 2018

Rinpoche will visit South America from December 18, 2018 through January 25, 2019.

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18 June 2018

57 years ago today, Rinpoche was born in Bhutan. On this occasion, we reflect on Rinpoche's life and his vast and boundless activity to spread the Buddhadharma.

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NEWS FLASH from 84000 : Sūtra Resounding!

17 May 2018

As we enter the lunar month of Saga Dawa, 84000 is taking a figurative page from its sūtras!

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New Message from Rinpoche

24 April 2018