Dedication – “Sharing is Caring”

the 10th chapter of the Bodhicharyavatara

Invitation for two upcoming Zoom sessions
in January 2023
with Arne Schelling

11th January, 7pm CET
13th January, 7pm CET
Meeting ID: 831 1351 4472
Passcode: Shantideva
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Dedication is the dedication of one’s merit towards the temporary and ultimate happiness and wellbeing of all sentient beings. It is furthermore the dedication for the manifestation of ones own enlightened activities and for the long life of the Dharma.

Making a proper dedication is said in the teachings to seal the practice, ensure that none of its pure power can leak or seep away, and so ensure that the merit of our practice is never wasted, but goes on growing ever greater.

In The Sutra Requested by Sagaramati, the Buddha said:

Just as a drop of water that falls into the ocean

Will never disappear until the ocean runs dry,

Merit totally dedicated to enlightenment

Will never disappear until enlightenment is reached.

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