Refuge and Bodhisattva Vows with Drubgyud Tenzin Rinpoche on Saga Dawa Duchen

June 4th, Sunday at 7 pm: in-person ceremony
Venue: Shambhala Center
256 W 7th Ave Unit 208, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M1

We’re pleased to announce that Drubgyud Tenzin Rinpoche will bestow the Refuge and Bodhisattva vows in Vancouver on Saga Dawa Duchen.

Saga Dawa Düchen commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and Parinirvana of Buddha Shakyamuni, a very auspicious day to take or renew one’s Refuge and Bodhisattva vows.

There’s no charge to the event. If you wish, you can offer a flower to the Buddha on the shrine or a small offering to Rinpoche to show appreciation but it’s not mandatory.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Please arrive on time for the ceremony. This is an in-person event and we won’t be able to offer live-stream.

To Register, please fill in the registration form:

薩嘎達瓦日接受竹究滇津仁波切主持皈依並傳授菩提心戒儀式 時間:2023年6月4日(星期日)晚7點(溫哥華時間),僅有線下現場參與方式 地址:香巴拉中心,256 W. 7th Ave, Unit 208, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M1

我們榮幸喜悅地宣布竹究滇津仁波切將於薩嘎達瓦日主持皈依並傳授菩提心戒儀式。薩嘎達瓦 日是一個紀念釋迦摩尼佛出生,証悟,以及涅槃的殊勝節日;同時也是一個在上師引領下開啟或 再次重溫我們的每一位的皈依心和發願升起菩提心的殊勝日子。

本次活動沒有費用要求。您願意的話,請您預備花束供奉佛堂,也可以隨喜供養仁波切。以上建 議均為自願選擇。




The event is finished.


4 June 2023

Time (UTC +0)

19:00 - 20:30

Your Time (UTC -04:00)

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 4 June 2023
  • Time: 22:00 - 23:30


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Siddhartha's Intent Vancouver


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