5 May 2024
David Rycroft
David painting en-plein-air by river in South of France.

Delve into the vibrant landscapes of David Rycroft, a painter and meditation teacher, showcased in our 14th online exhibition. Discover profound insights into his artistic process as he shares personal reflections on his work below.

I have been studying both art and dharma for over 30 years. My recent paintings are inspired by pristine nature.

The qualities of pristine nature are precious. Its dynamic vitality, brilliant purity and gentle splendour are not only beautiful in themselves, they are a reminder that similar qualities can be cultivated in the minds of those who live in, and appreciate, this natural world.

Two questions my painting seeks to address are: “How can the qualities of nature’s pristine purity be represented using the languages of classical landscape, impressionist and post-impressionist painting?” and “How can we create new artistic languages that also invite the viewer to introspect, to reflect on their own attitudes towards, and relationship with, primordial purity?

Paintings can radiate wisdom and love.
I see my role as a painter to play with colour, rhythm, mark-making, direct observation and, if we’re fortunate, a bit of mental calm and clarity, bringing together a multitude of conditions to create aesthetic impact that inspires a dynamic calm, spacious vitality and gentle splendour in the viewer.

“Wisdom in Colour” workshop led by David in Dzogchen Beara in Ireland, exploring how artistic activity and meditation mutually nourish each other.

I have been teaching both art and meditation for over 20 years. Recently, I have been leading ‘Art & Meditation’ retreats in England, Ireland and France. Participants are guided through a series of exercises which helps them to look afresh at appearances, to ‘draw what we see, not what we think we see’, and to use the expressive potential of painterly colour to explore our relationship both to emotions and to inner resources of wisdom and compassion.

During these retreats I make references to art history, and in particular to Buddhist art from different cultures, to show the power of visual art in inspiring the mind and communicating paths to eudaemonia and, ultimately, to liberation.

To learn more about this wonderful artist please visit his website and Instagram page.

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