Toni Whittaker

Global Communications

Of Anglo-Spanish parents, Toni grew up in Spain before moving to the UK in 1992. She first came into contact with Buddhism while following her trekking passion in Asia. Inspired by Rinpoche’s YouTube teachings (thank you SI! 🙏), she flew to Hong Kong in 2013 to meet him. A year later — with the intention of not spending a minute longer than necessary in samsara — she gave up her job as a business analyst at the Financial Times to work for Rinpoche full time.

Since 2019, she has been responsible for SI global communications and, being at the juncture where many teams converge, endeavours to be a project enabler — from rebranding, to website development, initial establishment and coordination of Zoom teachings, translation coordination, making the Mugwort Born website multilingual, occasional global event coordination, and more recently bringing together the relevant stakeholders to develop a new program for beginners. Basically, whenever and whatever the Dharma requires. Her office is always open.

Because of her background, she is very invested in providing a growing number of Dharma materials to Spanish speakers, so sometimes you'll also find her translating, but more often than not, proofreading and editing Spanish translations.

Last but not least, she is also part of the Khyentse Foundation finance team, where among other things, she has the happy job of wiring funds to happy KF grantees who love her.

For those who wish to honour Toni with a donation, please consider a gift to Siddhartha’s Intent at Support Us.

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