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A Buddhist-Influenced Art Gallery

This gallery is being created with the aspiration to showcase art which expresses Dharma and in this way brings people closer to the truth. Our teacher is an artist, and we have many artists in our sangha from around the world. We wish to create a space where this art can inspire more people. Every couple of weeks, our gallery will feature a new artist or group of artists, while previous works will remain accessible. 


David Rycroft

Delve into the vibrant landscapes of David Rycroft showcased in our 14th online exhibition.

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The Forum

This forum is for our sangha and those curious about the Dharma. Participants can join in by posting new topics or joining a discussion that has been started by others. Everyone is welcome to join in, we ask only that everyone helps create an atmosphere of goodwill by following our Community Guidelines.

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Community Events

Are you organizing a life-release practice? Looking to meet up with like-minded people for some other event? Would you like sangha members to join you?

SINZ Düntün: Wangapeka Retreat Centre

Foundations of Samadhi: Düntün (Seven-day) Retreat with Jakob Leschly  Friday November 1st – Friday November 8th, 2024. This retreat is held under ...
31 October 2024 - 8 November 2024
All Day
UTC -04:00
Exploring Vajrayana
Laying Foundations
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Submit Your Art

All copyrights will stay with their creators, works featured will not be downloadable or sold by us, and we can include links to artists’ own webpages. We regret to inform you that submissions containing images generated by AI will not be accepted.

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