SI Australia (SIA), founded in 1986 by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, is a member of the international collective of Siddhartha’s Intent (SI) Buddhist groups. SIA shares the collective vision of other SI groups to create an environment in which the authentic Buddhadharma may flourish in the modern era. SIA offers a number of opportunities for study and practice including weekend workshops, online studies, and vipashyana retreats.

Upcoming Events

Morning Meditation (SI Australia)Daily

Daily prayers & 20 minute Meditation 7:00 -7:30 am AEST (UTC +10) Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday April 7th 2024 ...
19 May 2024
16:00 - 17:00
UTC -05:00
Sydney (Online)
Laying Foundations
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Mondays at Lapis Lazuli (SI Australia)Repeating Event

Informal Discussions on Buddhist Theory followed by Meditation Practice Last Monday of each month 5:30-7:30 pm AEST (UTC +10) Approximate schedule ● 5.30 ...
27 May 2024
02:30 - 04:30
UTC -05:00
Laying Foundations
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Latest News

4 May 2024

It's here! The virtual world premiere of Khyentse Norbu's latest film.

22 April 2024

Vajrayana warning from Rinpoche concerning the May Nyingtik Yabshi teachings.

15 March 2024

What to know what Rinpoche is up to? Check his schedule on our website.

12 March 2024

Rinpoche requests us to practice for the wellbeing of OT Rinpoche and those who care deeply for the Dharma.

11 February 2024

Fill your trips to cyberspace with bodhicitta with this prayer composed by Rinpoche in 2012.

9 February 2024

Read Rinpoche's aspirations for the Year of the Dragon.

1 February 2024

Is it that time when you need to stop and ask for directions? You have come to the right place!

27 October 2023

For those who have photos taken with Rinpoche for their own validation.

24 September 2023

Read Rinpoche's message with regards to making offerings at upcoming dharma events.

15 August 2023

Do you have skill in editing and are familiar with dharma topics and Rinpoche's way of teaching?

Photo Gallery

If you have photos of Rinpoche or local events, please send them to us. We would like to showcase your experience to other members of our global community.

Adelaide Retreat 2018
Adelaide Retreat 2018
Adelaide Retreat 2018
Adelaide Retreat 2018
Adelaide retreat 2018

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Jeannie Alamkara


Anni Heldtz


Bryan Rowe


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Pantha Blazely

Treasurer and Public Officer

Ani Zangmo

Instructor (Australia)

Bridget Gebbie

Instructor (Australia)

Chanel Grubner

Instructor (Australia)

Huizi Zuo

Instructor (Australia)

Jakob Leschly

Instructor (Australia)

Jangchub Haubner

Instructor (Australia)

Ross Smith

Instructor (Australia)

Steve Cline

Instructor (Australia)

Tsering Chodron

Instructor (Australia)

Tsunma Gosha Gray

Instructor (Australia)

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche's Schedule

Upcoming Events

Pure Gold

Celebrating Saga Dawa Düchen with 84000. ...
22 May 2024
06:30 - 08:00
UTC -05:00
Bir, India
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