Online buddhist studies by Siddhartha’s Intent instructors.

These courses are intended to clarify themes and practices that the students of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche and other teachers encounter on their path of study and practice.

Upcoming Courses

These courses led by Siddhartha’s Intent instructors contain video and audio recordings, related readings, and material from studies of works by great buddhist teachers. The recordings are generally 1-1 ½ hour long, offering summaries and highlighting important sections, along with an oral commentary that seeks to unpack and clarify the material.

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Past Courses

The Four Seals

9 December 2021
Arne Schelling

Arne answers the question: What really makes you a buddhist?

Husks of Unity

8 October 2021
Jakob Leschly

A clear overview of the nature and logic of development stage practice and its various stages.

Magic Dance

23 September 2021
Jakob Leschly

A profound overview of Vajrayana view and practice.

The Bodhisattva Guide

14 July 2021
Jakob Leschly

HHDL's pithy teachings on some of the essential verses from the Way of the Bodhisattva.

Heart of Compassion

7 May 2021
Jakob Leschly

One the great pith-instructions on the Mahayana path.

Anatomie des Geistes

4 May 2021
Arne Schelling

Sollten wir Konzepte direkt verwerfen, oder können wir sie sogar zu unserer weiteren Entwicklung nutzen?

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