Ushnisha Vijaya

Ushnisha Vijaya is the manifestation of the Buddha’s topknot, symbolizing the merit of the Buddha and representing the wisdom of non-duality.

During the Ushnisha Vijaya Puja, we recite the dharani, circumambulate the mandala, make offerings to this noble deity, and pray that all sentient beings are taken care of and attain enlightenment soon.

Rinpoche has said, “The present awareness is the Ushnisha Vijaya.”

We sincerely invite you to summon the Ushnisha Vijaya within yourself, to benefit yourself and all sentient beings, to accumulate merit and wisdom, and to practise compassion and wisdom.

Download the text in English, Chinese and Tibetan HERE.
Text in Portuguese, English and Tibetan coming soon.

To read about the benefits of the Ushnisha Vijaya dharani, head over to the 84000 Reading Room.

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