8 January 2023
Paintings, Animations
Emily Avery Yoshiko Crow

Emily Avery Yoshiko Crow



Emily Avery Yoshiko Crow is an artist who works with watercolor, natural sculpture, and textiles, as well as animation and film production design. She was raised in Colorado and Nova Scotia by parents following the Shambhala tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.


Spending her early years in a community of people practicing the principals of dharma art, drala, and warriorship, she was influenced at a young age to recognize the power of beauty and the importance of excellent teachers.


From delicate washes to striking compositions, her ethereal artwork evokes a wide range of moods, often including imagery of lush forests, dreamlike women, and Buddhist deities. The simplicity of Emily’s style is influenced by traditional Japanese woodblock printing.

Prints of Emily’s “Red Tara” painting are available for purchase in the Lotus Outreach Store.

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