Morning Meditation (SI Australia)

Daily prayers & 20 minute Meditation 7:00 -7:30 am AEST

This meditation session is offered ongoing 7 days a week by SIA Instructors and other experienced practice hosts . The regular hosts are currently Jakob Leschly, Ani Zangmo, Kim Saxton, Christina Peebles and Caroline Milwright

This is a lightly guided practice and anyone is welcome to join. Beginners new to Buddhism who are interested to learn more about Buddhist meditation practice may like to join  the Saturday and/or Monday classes shared here.

Please use this recurring Zoom link …. to join the daily morning meditation.
Meeting ID: 840 7896 7606, Passcode: 621374

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Daily Bhumisparsha Practice – 7.30 – 8 am AEST

The Treasure of Blessings – A practice of Buddha Shakyamuni  by Mipham Rinpoche. A practice dedicated to remembering and admiring the Buddha.

You can join this daily practice session using the same Zoom link as above ↑

Click here to download the ‘Treasury of Blessings’ liturgy.

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Riwo Sangchö Practice – 8 – 8.30 am AEST, each SUNDAY

Riwo Sangchö (Mountain Smoke Offering) is a powerful practice of making offerings to dispel obstacles of all kinds for self and others.

In the Nyingma tradition it is praised as the easiest and most effective way of offering love and nourishment to all beings while also creating and sharing merit for personal and world peace. Participants just need a stick of incense or sang powder and some clean water to bless (sprinkle) the incense with.

The practice will last for about 30 min. Everyone is welcome.
The Zoom link is the same as above, i.e. this recurring Zoom link
Meeting ID: 840 7896 7606, Passcode: 621374

Click here to download the Riwo Sangcho liturgy booklet

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