Introduction to Sür Offering Practice (SIWD)

Last May, during his teachings titled “Bardo”, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche bestowed the reading transmission (lung) for the “The White Sür Offering that Pervades all Pure Realms”, a liturgy composed by Rigdzin Jikme Lingpa.  We now have a new translation for this liturgy by Douglas Mills. Chris Jay will introduce this practice in an online Zoom class on Saturday, Sept. 17 at 11:00 am Pacific time.

Sür is a practice in which food is charred to release its scent as an offering to the four classes of guests. The interdependence of this aroma as the offering substance, along with the practitioner’s motivation, visualization and dedication, provides an offering that is completely satisfying to the entire range of beings, from the enlightened ones down to the most malicious holders of karmic debts.

In particular, sür offerings nourish beings in the bardo, the intermediate state after death, because such beings experience hunger and thirst, yet can take in nourishment only through their sense of smell. Thus this is a practice that can be done for forty-nine days after the death of loved ones, with special emphasis on dedicating the merit of this accomplishment to them. As a practice for those who have died, this sür practice is far easier to perform than the more elaborate Korwa Dongtruk, and can be performed by anyone with

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17 September 2022

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