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Siddhartha’s Intent India, Khyentse Foundation India, and WCCL Foundation invite you to join us in a bimonthly sutra resounding on the last Saturday of the month beginning March 25, 2023. The next resounding will be on May 27 2023.

The sutra we will be reciting in May is “The Sūtra of The Teaching of Vimalakīrti”. We will read from page 67 (chapter The Goddess) onwards. Download the sutra.

Join the Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 840 7023 1357
Passcode: aspiration

What is sutra resounding?
The term “sutra resounding” refers to an activity that emulates the traditional Tibetan Buddhist monastic practice of reading aloud the entire Kangyur (the translated words of the Buddha in the Tibetan Buddhist canon).

In the Tibetan monastic practice, each participant selects a text or a section of a text and reads it aloud until the entire Kangyur has been recited collectively. In the 84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha version of this practice, sutras or sections of a sutra that have been translated into English and published in 84000’s Reading Room are collectively read aloud.

Inspired by 84000’s efforts, it is our aspiration to make sutra resounding an integral part of our lives. The resounding will be held online bimonthly on the last Saturday of the month and you can join via the same Zoom meeting link shared here. Each time, we will choose a different sutra and read aloud all the sections, beginning with refuge and concluding with the dedication. Each practice session lasts 30 minutes.

Why do sutra resounding as a group practice?
For as much of the sutra(s) as possible to be read aloud by any number of people in a given amount of time is said to benefit both oneself and all who hear the resounding.

Poster image: Image of the Buddha, Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra, India.

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27 May 2023

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14:00 - 14:30

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  • Date: 27 May 2023
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