Tsasum Drildrup Tsok (SI Western Door)

Join the Siddhartha’s Intent Western Door Sangha for a Tsasum Drildrub Tsok on Guru Rinpoche Day. 

January 20th | 1 pm Pacific Time

Tsasum Drildrub feast practice may be joined by anyone who has received the empowerment. If you have received the empowerment and need the text, you can request the sadhana text by clicking here. A link to download the text will be sent to your email address.

Those without the empowerment are still welcome to join the practice to sit and listen, much as one might join a puja being conducted in a monastery, or if attending in person, read a borrowed liturgy for the duration of the practice. The only requirement in this case is to have faith and respect towards Guru Rinpoche and Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. However, in accordance with Rinpoche’s wishes, you won’t be able to access resource pages or download/keep a liturgy until the empowerment has been received.

There is only one translation so all editions are the same which means you can use an old edition.

The Tibetan word for this practice is tsok, which means ‘gathering’ and refers to the gathering of practitioners, the gathering of offerings, the gathering of mandala deities, and the gathering of merit and wisdom. To attend this kind of practice it is helpful, but not essential, to have some familiarity with Vajrayana theory and practice.

If you wish to include someone who is experiencing difficult circumstances or who has died recently, please add the name to the corresponding list: Siddhartha’s Intent Western Door prayer listSiddhartha’s Intent EUROPE prayer list, or Siddhartha’s Intent Australia prayer list.

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20 January 2024

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