Sacred Brushstrokes

16 October 2023

Sacred Brushstrokes
The Siddhartha’s Intent Art Gallery is travelling to Bodhgaya

24-29 October 2023

The SI Art Gallery was born from the aspiration to create a central place for buddhist artists to be seen and supported and for art lovers to enjoy and be touched by these artists’ creations. Now it is our pleasure to invite you to our first in-person exhibition at the holy buddhist site of Bodhgaya, India, as part of the Siddhartha Festival.

Presenting the works of a group of worldwide artists, this will not be a mere art exhibition, but rather a practice similar to offering flowers, incense, or a mandala, in the place where the Buddha attained enlightenment. Join us in the aspiration that, through the use of a myriad skilful means to suit the disposition of all beings, the Dharma will forever flourish.

See you in Bodhgaya!


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