The Gift of Generosity

24 September 2023

📌 Message from Rinpoche

Dear friends and particularly those who have a karmic debt with me,

I understand that many of you are coming to some upcoming public events like the Bodhgaya monlam, Ushnishavijaya puja, or subsequent transmissions in different places. So I just want to remind and request you not to bring any personal gifts for me.

It’s not that I don’t greatly appreciate your generosity and kindness. But in our current world, it’s just so easy to buy things online or offline that it all adds up to a lot of shopping. I must literally have about 100 bottles of ink by now!

My place is quite small and I try not to waste or to throw things out. So over the years, things pile up and then I have a really hard time finding things, which can cause a lot of stress. Or I forget that things are there, and then I try to have a garage sale to offload them.

In short, I would really appreciate that you not bring presents. If you insist on bringing something, then perhaps ask my staff what I need at that moment, and I’ll shamelessly tell you to bring something that will really be used — like soap or toothpaste or dental floss.

But more importantly, as I have mentioned in the past, what I really want is for you to practice the dharma. So please save your money and spend it on your practice, like maybe setting aside a budget for a weekend retreat somewhere or getting a good dharma book.

I do understand that we have a profound practice of offering dana and making offerings to buddhas and bodhisattvas. And also to teachers, etc. Personally, I just want to say, as I have mentioned in the past, that if you wish to support me and things connected to me, I would rather you support Khyentse Foundation or 84000, and now we also have Kumarajiva and Khyentse Vision. At the risk of being very pompous, I think these projects have achieved a lot and been really beneficial, and that they will also benefit many people in the years to come.

Then there is also your local Siddhartha’s Intent that takes on the burden of organizing teachings, so you can also contribute to that. As well, we are trying to cover some modest stipend for many people who have really dedicated their lives to my projects, so you could also chip in for that if you wish.

Whatever you decide, I want to say that I really appreciate your intention and gesture of parting from your possessions that I believe you have acquired through considerable hardship. So from time to time, I dedicate and do prayers that this will benefit the dharma and the upholders of the dharma that is the only source of benefit and happiness for sentient beings.

Thank you. DJK

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