Online Sadhana Practices, Anniversary & Wheel Day Practices

June 2022 to February 2023


Online sadhana practices hosted by SI Australia

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So that our dharma communities can continue to join in group practice, SIA will host regular Online Feast Offering practices that can be joined worldwide. This is a format we will continue as it also helps people join our practices who do not live near a practice centre. Join our mailing list to receive updates on our teaching and practice program

Our monthly Feast Offering practices are hosted on the tenth day of the waxing and waning moon (Guru Rinpoche Day and Dakini Day). The Tibetan word for this practice is tsok, which means ‘gathering’ and refers to the gathering of practitioners, the gathering of offerings, the gathering of mandala deities, and the gathering of merit and wisdom. To attend this kind of practice it is helpful, but not essential, to have some familiarity with Vajrayana theory and practice. 

We are also offering the Korwa Dongtruk practice for the Deceased, hosted on the third Wednesday of every month, monthly Green Tara practice on, or around the 8th day of the lunar month as well as the Wheel, Anniversary and Buddha Day dates according to the SI calendar.

Whenever an event is being hosted by SI Global, we will cancel our practice so people can join.

Supporting material on how to join these practices, including details on any restrictions, are detailed clearly in the individual emails that are sent to our SIA mailing list about a week prior to the practice date.

For all practices the time is Sydney, Australia time

SIA Online Practice program for the Water Rabbit year 2150 (2023-2024)

………………… Key to practices ……………………

  • Red font – practice date for Chime Phakme Nyingtik, Vima Ladrup, Korwa Dongtruk or Khandro Sangdu
  • Green font – Tara practice dates
  • Black font – Shower of Blessings on Guru and Dakini days, Wheel Day dates and anniversary dates

March 2023

  • Wednesday 1 January – Guru Rinpoche Day – Rain of Blessings 6.45 for 7pm start AEDT
  • Saturday 4 March – Green Tara 10am  11.30am AEDT
  • Sunday 5 January – Guru Rinpoche Day -Vima Ladrup – 11 am – 2.30 pm AEDT – Sydney Practice Centre & Online. 
  • Tuesday 7 Buddha Day Celebration – Chotrul Düchen
     7 – 8.30 pm AEDT 
  • Wednesday 15 March – Korwa Dongtruk 6.45 for a 7pm start AEDT
  • Friday 17 March – Dakini Day (Rain of Blessings) 6.45 for 7pm start AEDT 
  • Friday 17 March – Khandro Sangdu  7 pm  – 10 pm AEDT . You must have the Khandro Sangdu empowerment to attend this practice. Please contact [email protected] to register
  • Saturday 18 March  – Chime Phakme Nyingtik.  10.15 for an 10.30am start AEDT
  • Friday 31 March – Guru Rinpoche Day (Rain of Blessings) 6.45 for 7pm start AEDT 


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