Kuntuzangpo Mönlam

21 June 2020
Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

During the solar eclipse of 21 June 2020 Siddhartha’s Intent hosted a global recitation of the Samantabhadra Aspiration Prayer.

We were fortunate to receive a teaching from Rinpoche, who painted a picture of the mind that, for lack of a better word, “composed” a prayer which has no composer: our naked cognisance, our naked awareness. The Kuntuzangpo prayer is just there; it’s being recited and answered all the time. When a beautiful sunrise appears, if the owl doesn’t see it because it’s blind, too bad! If we can’t see these prayers that are being answered, we’re like an owl. There’s not much we can do, just pray not to be an owl, which is what we do when we recite the prayer.

“During solar or lunar eclipses, when clamour or earthquakes happen, at the solstices, or at the turn of the year, if we let ourselves arise as Samantabhadra and recite this prayer within the hearing of all, through the aspiration of us yogic practitioners, all sentient beings of the three realms will gradually become free from suffering and then swiftly attain buddhahood.”

The text that was used during the recitation can be found here.

Thank you to Richard Page and Grecco Buratto for their beautiful and inspiring musical offerings. You can listen to both Samantabhadra melodies here.

Subtitles: English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

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