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Living is Dying 

“Shouldn’t we all try to contemplate the inevitability of our own death at least once this lifetime? Particularly as every one of us will die – itself a crucially important piece of information. Doesn’t putting some effort into processing the inescapable fact of our own death make sense?”

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

The Living is Dying program originated in 2022 as a book study of 34 sessions according to Dzongsar Khyentse’s book ‘Living is Dying’ …  Free download of the book here

In 2023 the program will offer monthly presentations by guest speakers involved in the field of death and dying. We would like to invite you to continue to explore how cultivating an awareness of death can benefit us not only at the time of passing but also in our day to day living.

The Living is Dying program is aiming to provide a wide range of teaching material, resources and support for Buddhist practitioners, those who are dying and those who care for the dying.

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2023 Program of monthly talks

Sunday 12th February 5.30pm AEDT (UTC +11)

Guest speaker Lisa Herbert, author of “The Bottom Drawer Book” talks about after death action plans.

Online via Zoom – Click here for Zoom link


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