Sea to Sky Retreat Centre

Wild Red Huckleberries


Sea to Sky Retreat was designed consciously to be in balance with the supporting natural resources. The path of sustaining balance is laid out in a Sustainability Plan which is re-statused on Earth Day of each year.

For a description of sustainable life style, enjoy an online article published by NW Dharma News entitled “Off the Grid at Sea to Sky Retreat Centre.” 

To enhance the environmental appreciation of those visiting the centre, an interpretative trail has been developed to mark some of the trees, plants, and wildlife habitats within the forest and lakeside ecosystems. Brief descriptions are provided in an interpretative trail guide. A collection of photos of some of the co-habitants in retreat centre surroundings can be seen below.


Wildlife roam, and make their home, in the vicinity of the retreat centre.

Fir Tree Refuge for Shy, Yearling Bear
Red Deer
Loons on Daisy Lake
Black Bear
Osprey Nest, Daily Lake
Stellar Jay
Pika in the Rockfall
Cougar Pair on Retreat Road

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