Sea to Sky Retreat Centre

Wild Red Huckleberries


Sea to Sky Retreat was designed consciously to be in balance with the supporting natural resources. The path of sustaining balance is laid out in a  Sustainability Plan 海天闭关中心的可持续发展生活 which is re-statused on Earth Day of each year.

Sea to Sky Retreat 的设计理念旨在维护自然资源的平衡。此宗旨在“海天闭关中心可持续发展生活”计划书中有陈述,该计划每年在地球日得以更新

In caring for the grounds and the surrounding forest of the retreat centre, the SSRC volunteer team is guided by the SSRC Forest Management Plan


To enhance the environmental appreciation of those visiting the centre, an interpretative trail has been developed to mark some of the trees, plants, and wildlife habitats within the forest and lakeside ecosystems. Brief descriptions are provided in an interpretative trail guide. A collection of photos of some of the co-habitants in retreat centre surroundings can be seen below.


Sustainable Living Over the Years


  • 2010年NW Dharma News 发表了一篇描述海天闭关中心生活环境的文章,题为“海天闭关中心世外桃源生活“。
  • 十二年后(2022 年),Dagmar Schwerk 博士在 UBC 大学“亚洲研究可持续发展” 简报上发表了她对海天闭关中心可持续生活的思考,文章题为“更多相互依存,更少即时满足”


Wildlife roam, and make their home, in the vicinity of the retreat centre.

Fir Tree Refuge for Shy, Yearling Bear
Red Deer
Loons on Daisy Lake
Black Bear
Osprey Nest, Daily Lake
Stellar Jay
Pika in the Rockfall
Cougar Pair on Retreat Road

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