“The vast majority of us perform two activities almost instinctively; we like to throw out rubbish and love collecting goodies. This universal habitual pattern can be usefully employed as a format on the spiritual path”

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Founded in 1989 by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, Siddhartha's Intent is an international Buddhist association of non-profit nationally registered societies and charities, with the principal intention of preserving the Buddhist teachings, as well as increasing an awareness and understanding of the Buddha's teachings, beyond the limits of cultures and tradition. 



Check out 'Mugwort-born', Rinpoche's memoir-in-progress. It features rare photos and very personal stories about his life.

From the Archives: 'Distortion'

Rinpoche calls on Westerners to acknowledge the distortions we may bring to the study of Buddhism—through our cultural arrogance, the deceipt of ego, and simple ignorance.

Accumulation of Seven Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche

In anticipation of the year of the Fire Monkey (Feb. 9, 2016), Rinpoche has requested those who are following in the footsteps of Guru Rinpoche to accumulate the 7 line prayer...

Latest News

A Request from Rinpoche

2 June 2016

For the longevity of the most venerable Jetsunma Muntso-la's health, her wellbeing, and the fulfillment of all her wishes, and to dispel all outer inner and secret obstacles to her life and activities, I request all my Dharma friends to pray to Tara and chant mantras or praise to Tara, or make an offering of a flower or incense or do prostrations at least three times from the moment you see this message.

Losar Message from Rinpoche

7 February 2016

Rinpoche composed a message for the global SI/KF community on the eve of the Lunar New Year, the year of the male fire monkey. We are grateful to have such a compassionate and wise guide leading us to liberation. May all be auspicious.

Announcement from Khyentse Foundation, Siddhartha's Intent and Khyentse Labrang about Rinchen Terdzod in Bhutan

3 February 2016

Important announcement about the Rinchen Terdzod initiations in Takila, Eastern Bhutan, starting in February 2016. 

Rinpoche's Schedule

Teachings in India

22 - 24 July 2016 at Deer Park, India

Teachings in Mexico

30 September - 2 October 2016 at Mexico City

Pujas and Teachings in Taiwan

26 November - 4 December 2016 at Taipei, Taiwan

Teachings on Guru Rinpoche

9 - 10 December 2016 at Hong Kong

Sea to Sky Retreat Centre

Programs at Sea to Sky Retreat Centre
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

- Chimé Phagma Nyingtik 7 day Practice Intensive, July 23-31, 2016
 - 2016 Volunteer in Residence Program 


New Recording

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche teaches on Lojong: ‘training the mind’, in Berlin, 2014. The teachings emphasize the practice of bodhichitta and the 'exchanging oneself for others', introduced to Tibet by Lord Atisha in the eleventh century.

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