“I think the most virtuous and wholesome thing that we can do is to admire, to like, and to love this being called Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha.”

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Founded in 1986 by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, Siddhartha’s Intent (SI) supports Rinpoche’s buddhadharma activities worldwide by organizing teachings and retreats, distributing and archiving recorded teachings, transcribing, editing and translating manuscripts and practice texts, and establishing a global community committed to continual study and practice.


SI Instructors: Letter from Rinpoche

Read about Rinpoche's appointment of some new SI instructors together with his encouragement to senior instructors to continue their work to propagate the dharma.

The Best Offerings

A letter from Rinpoche, telling us the best offering we can make to the Buddhas and our teachers is to put the Dharma into practice.


Check out 'Mugwort-born', Rinpoche's memoir-in-progress. It features rare photos and very personal stories about his life.

Latest News

Advice from Rinpoche

17 March 2020

Rinpoche talks about the consequences of not understanding non-duality and gives us practice advice for these volatile times.

Losar 2020

24 February 2020

Impermanence, cause and condition, and the power of prayer in a changing world.

新年快乐 2020!

24 January 2020

Greetings from Rinpoche on the occasion of Chinese New Year!

Message From Rinpoche Concerning Vajrayana Initiations in Perth and Auckland

3 January 2020

Please read if you are wishing to receive Vajrayana initiations from Rinpoche during his upcoming visit to the Southern Hemisphere.

Rinpoche's Social Media Accounts

2 January 2020

Confirming Rinpoche's official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Rinpoche's Schedule

Dzongsar Monlam & Siddhartha Festival

13 - 25 October 2020 at Bodhgaya, India

Sea to Sky Retreat Centre

Programs at Sea to Sky Retreat Centre
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Work as Practice (Spring), 22-24 May

Buddhist Meditation Retreat, 29-31 May

Chimé Phagme Nyinthig Practice Intensive,
20-28 June

Play like the Buddha Family Weekend,
31 July - 2 August

New Recording

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s teachings on Lhakthong (2019, Bhutan) are now available. Many people do not realizie that the Bhutanese concept of lhakthong is the same as vipassana. Lhakthong means seeing the true colour of life. 

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