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Page updated 1/07/2023

Children & Youth Wanaka Dharma Camp

Dear Wanaka Event Participants,

We are endeavouring to support Dharma families as much as possible during this event. Website registration for the Wanaka Children & Youth Dharma Camp from Nov 4th to 13th is now closed. We are also still offering a supported space for our young children and families.

Babies and toddlers 0 to 3 years old

We are providing a supportive space in the dining area for infants and toddlers (aged 0-3) that will be broadcasting the transmissions through loudspeakers, so that parents may receive the transmission even if they need to leave the teaching hall during the event. This space will not have additional childcare supervision, so parents will be solely responsible for their children. To ensure we can support you and your children in this space and provide updates on information and activities during the event, please make sure you register your young child with the camp team via email at [email protected].

Dharma Camp for Children and Youth aged 4 to 16 years old  

We are drawing on dharma education resources from Middleway Education and Blue Lion Preschool for the camp program. We are encouraging English and Chinese (Mandarin) speaking children to attend the camp so please make sure your language requirements are clear on the registration form.

The Dharma Camp will run on site as closely as possible to the main event program. The total for the 10 day camp fee will be $400 NZD which is non refundable. It is through the support of SINZ and Khyentse Foundation that we have been able to run this camp and keep fees low. There is also an option for local New Zealanders only to participate daily at a rate of $50 NZD. 

Additional contributions for extra camp activities 

There are many amazing activities for children in and around Wanaka and your additional donation will add to an exciting dharma program. You can make donations for the camp when you register in humantix or via the main website, but be sure to message us with your name and amount at [email protected] so we know what it’s for.

Please note the camp fees do not include food at this stage. Children who attend the dharma camp or childcare will not be allocated seats inside the teaching hall, however, Rinpoche may invite them in on certain occasions. Do not order a ticket for children attending the camp/childcare, instead they should be registered at the camp or as a young child.

Email us at [email protected] if you wish to participate in the camp. 

Children Not attending the Camp

Children or young adults who wish to receive the transmissions and are able to sit still for ten days should be registered as normal ticket holders.

Highlight and copy the URL below[email protected]

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