Renowned Chinese artist DALeast, celebrated for his prolific contributions to street art and recognized as a skilled painter, sculptor, and digital artist, takes center stage as the focal point of our 12th online exhibition.

Pema (Tintin) Tshering

Hailing from the cultural heartland of Thimphu, Bhutan, Pema (Tintin) Tshering’s exhibition ‘In-Between Lives’ is a profound exploration of existence and Buddhist philosophy, inviting viewers to contemplate the ethereal dance of life and death. Drawing from teachings on bardo—a realm of transition—he translates the essence of the ‘in-between’ into an artistic tapestry that resonates with both the tangible and the intangible.

Ngawang Chodak

Our tenth exhibition presents Ngawang Chodak’s remarkable fusion of ancient Tibetan thangka art with contemporary expression, celebrating the profound synergy between lineage and artistic evolution.

Yachi Tseng

Yachi conveys the presence of divine beings within our everyday lives through warm brushstrokes and simple lines, inviting viewers to connect with the essence of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Her artwork highlights images of emptiness, with unpainted portions of the canvas taking the form of the Buddha, encouraging introspection and a profound understanding of spirituality.

Madeleine Tréhin

Madeleine Tréhin is a French painter who now resides in Monchique, Portugal. Madeleine draws inspiration for her artwork from her meditation practice. She is a student of the Khyentse lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and has spent more than twelve years of her life in retreats.

Soyolmaa Davaakhuu

Soyolmaa Davaakhuu, award winning Mongolian artist, works with oil and acrylic painting, silk painting, appliqués and embroidery.


A group exhibition that highlights the various cultural representations of the triratna symbol and explores contemporary interpretations of The Three Jewels—Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

Emily Avery Yoshiko Crow

Our latest exhibition features stunning watercolor paintings and stop-motion animations by Emily Avery Yoshiko Crow.

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